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Rachel has been guiding my wife and I through training our young Lurcher.

As first time dog owners, it has been invaluable for us to work with a trainer as intuitive and skilled as Rachel is. She has such a way with dogs.
Rachel has given us the very best training tools to help develop Finn into a happy, well socialised and well behaved dog.
Prue Langfield
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Tilly the pup

I'm thinking of buying a puppy but ....

Please take your time to read this page before buying a puppy. Who knows, it could save you - and a dog - alot of heartache.

When your new arrival is at home you can give me a call and arrange an appointment for me to visit you and show you the basic skills of teaching your young pup good manners. If you would like to come and have a chat with me prior to choosing or collecting your puppy or dog, please don't hesitate to give me a call or email me.

Please remember that each breed has its own characteristics. Match these with your own and with your lifestyle and you should have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your best friend. But be honest with yourself and thoroughly realistic regarding your lifestyle.

8 wk old Pixie

Eight week old Working Cocker Spaniel Pixie

Choosing the right puppy for you

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Six month old Maddie enjoying the snow   Click to expand

Before deciding, you must ask yourself a few questions.

Be honest with yourself.

If any of these signs are present you may need to make the tough decision and return it to the litter.
Always ask to see the mother. This will allow you to assess her and view her temperament, as the puppies will have many of her traits. At the same time, ask the breeder if the father is available to see as this would also be of benefit. As well the physical signs, also consider the personality. The puppy should show some sign of inquisitiveness and want to come to you − just sit quietly, wait and see how he behaves.

Follow these simple steps and you'll take home the right puppy for you and your family.
But remember − he is going to demand a lot, not least of all your time, patience, love, food, and exercise. Provide this and you'll have a loving friend for many years to come.

I hope my comments prove helpful and that you and your dog become the best of friends !


anchor point Lulu the puppy

Five month old Lulu

One word I use frequently when working with owners and their dogs is "time".
To begin with, take your time in choosing the right dog for you.
Take time to train him thoroughly.
And make time to give him enough stimulating exercise.
Follow this simple philosophy and you'll have a true friend for many years to come, while giving your dog an owner he will both love but respect.

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