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Running my own business means I have to travel quite a lot, buying books, assessing & valuing private collections and libraries.
I always leave my dogs "Flee" and "Midge" with Janet when I am away, as I know full well that it will be "home from home" for them, with more walks and fun than I could possibly manage.
It's more like giving them a special treat!

David Grayling

Chester is a real water babe

Home boarding for dogs .... luxury style !

When Mr. Thompson arrived to collect his two year old dog Paddy, he expected to be met by a dog jumping around in delight to see his owner. However, he was in for a little surprise. What he actually found was his "excited" Greyhound sprawled out in front of my fire, fed, watered and sound asleep, no doubt dreaming of his earlier walk around High Cup Nick!

Mr. Thompson just started to laugh when he saw the situation, and said his dog was enjoying "luxury" dog boarding ! These comments reflect exactly what I'm trying to achieve – all the home comforts – but at a different address.
No loneliness of being stuck in a kennel but a personal, friendly, welcoming and very warm atmosphere.
And I offer this kind of service for a reason. It's what I would want for my own dog.

To keep things personal, I limit the number of dogs staying to just three. This ensures a real bond develops between your dog and myself, something essential in maintaining respect for me both as a trainer and home owner. The bond reassures the dog while he's away from home, making for a very happy and content animal.

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A late afternoon stroll
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The Lake District fells offer numerous walks for the dogs and me with no two days being the same. And should I wish to go further afield, the Pennines and beautiful Eden Valley are only a stone’s throw away.

Wherever I go, my guest dogs enjoy controlled "off lead" exercise. The supervised freedom I allow is a wonderful way in they can interact with each other. The importance of dogs being able to socialise is invaluable. It allows them to mix without the need to prove who the leader is. This allows training to be maintained and often improved.

Exercise is tailored to suit the needs of the dog and if necessary, your dog can be walked separately.

And the weather?
( Ssshhhhhh …… who cares about a drop of rain - I’ve plenty of towels! )

A typical day

A structured day ensures your dog has a well balanced and enjoyable stay.

7.00 to 7.30am

9.30 to Midday

Midday to 3.00pm

3.00pm to 5.00pm

5.00pm to 10.00pm

Rise and shine, an early walk, then back for breakfast.

This is what breakfast was for! Onto the Fells or Pennines for a long, active walk.

Time to relax - winter by the fire, summer in the garden with me.

An afternoon walk locally then back home for dinner.

A relaxing evening before the last "walk" then lights out for a good night's sleep!

The 24 Hour Assessment

Prior to accepting new guests for boarding, I do ask that your dog stays with me for a 24 hour assessment. This allows me see that he is comfortable in new surroundings and doesn't become stressed, and also see how he interacts with other dogs.
However, please be aware that should the assessment prove difficult, you may be asked to collect your dog earlier than anticipated, though thankfully this rarely happens.

Your Dog’s Health

As all serious owners know, keeping a dog healthy is very important. Therefore on arrival I ask to see an up to date vaccination record before I can accept your dog. This must include Kennel Cough. He must also to have been recently wormed.

A walk on the hills with Janet Ardley

I can't keep up with Roma and Jaffa

Please give me full details if your dog is on medication, as this will allow me to continue in your absence. Each dog gets a daily MOT to make sure they’re in the very best of health. Should there be any health problems with my guest dogs, they will be cared for by my vets, Frame Swift & Partners, in Penrith.

To maintain your dog’s routine and familiarity, I ask that you bring his usual bedding, food and toys. And please - make sure he has enough food. My guest dogs develop a real appetite when they stay with me and may need more than usual!

While I accept most breeds, I'm unable to board a dog which has displayed any aggressive tendencies, any "full" males or any bitches in season - for obvious reasons!


anchor point Dexter and Brook enjoy home dog boarding

ZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz ..... !

One year old Dexter and 5 month old Brooke became the best of friends during their month long stay with me.
Not having previously met, both arrived for residential training at about the same time.
The gentle but anxious Great Dane soon had an admirer in the form of the young Cocker Spaniel, who, unwittingly, helped to transform him into a far more more confident dog.

Where I Live

Toddle Cottage
Near Askham,
Cumbria CA10 2QJ

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