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Hi Janet

I don't think I'll ever really be able to explain how grateful I am for your help - I didn't expect it could be so life changing.
Doing things with Poppy are now a pleasure rather than a fear filled chore!

West Yorks.

Cleveland admires a stone

What is a blog .... and do I really need one ?

I decided to start my diary - or blog - to allow owners to see where and what their dog is up to while the two are apart.
While I don't profess to be an aspiring novelist or an award winning photographer, I like to think that my blog reflects some of the events which go on when dogs board with me.

This page displays the latest entry to my much larger blog. If you have time, why not see what else has been happening ?

Pip - so relaxed !


Innocent Pip
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Saturday 3rd October 2020

Sadly the phrase “social distancing” will be something I’ll remember for a long time to come. That said, I’ve been able to re-open the business though am working to strict guidelines – masks / gel / distancing.
Here at Toddle Cottage we have turned part of our field into a large training lawn which is working out really well.
And needless to say, Paul is always about with his camera. This time he asked the owner if he could photograph Pip laying on our bales of hay. Thankfully Pip obliged and this is one of the results. I hope you like it.

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anchor point Anna the Rottweiler

Pure Tranquility

The beautiful county of Cumbria offers so many wonderful places to walk. And knowing the area well, I'm able to pick and choose when and which walk to go on.
With The Fells on my doorstep and the Pennines only a short distance away, it doesn't take long before I'm lacing my boots and getting ready for another walk.
And when the winds are blowing and the rain is horizontal, it's a case of having to enjoy the Eden Valley !

Where I Live

Toddle Cottage
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Cumbria CA10 2QJ

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